Shona Darress

Shona1A member of the Martin County Florida Republican Executive Committee, Shona Darress has been active in the Tea Party movement since its inception. This marked the beginning of her political activism, which also includes volunteerism for various political campaigns during election cycles.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Shona immigrated to the US in 1977 and became a US citizen in 1989. However, her journey from New Zealander to American first encompassed several years of globetrotting, during which she spent a few years in the UK, a few months in Germany, and finally, seven years in Libya before relocating to Stuart, Florida. A mother of five and grandmother of six, Shona has called Martin County home for nearly 37 years, juggling family responsibilities with political activism.

Although she’d always been an avid student of world history and politics, she did not become an activist until after 9/11, which as with most other people, shook her to the core and forced her to reevaluate her beliefs. From that day on, everything changed.

As an engaged member of the Martin County Tea Party, Shona has organized numerous events, attracting such high-profile keynote speakers as ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel. She’s also coordinated and promoted large gatherings focused on specific issues like Common Core and Private Property Rights.

Now in partnership with her dear friend Gloria Fano, she’s pouring her skills and expertise into a new venture: In Touch Events. Incorporated in 2013, this event planning company seeks to inspire, illuminate and inform as many citizens as possible to effectively regain control of overreaching government at the local, state and national levels. Simultaneously, through the success of In Touch Events, Shona’s goal is to raise significant funds for several worthy charities with a focus on those that assist the US military and their families.

She currently lives in Stuart with her husband Bart and two of their grandchildren.

To contact Shona about an event or to receive more information, please call (772) 342-0448.



  1. Thanks for this full information. I had trouble finding “forourson” yesterday but will try again. Have to figure out the best way to put this out there. It’s a worthy event and shows your energy and dedication. I will run several posts leading up to the 22nd

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