Gloria Fano

GloriaFanoBorn and raised in the Northeastern United States, Gloria Fano came from a family with a strong work ethic, faith in God, traditional values and a strict code of morality. She remembers her childhood with fondness — the warm security, the laughter, the struggles and the joy. All of these have shaped her into the woman she is today and that family bond is her treasured memory.

Gloria has always had a passion and love of God, country and other people. She has a profound respect for history and the struggles others faced when they came to our shores for a better life, relief from intrusive government and economic and religious freedom.

Though she had a  Catholic upbringing and education, in 1974 she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and began to study the word of God.  She and her husband held home Bible studies for five years where the teacher taught the Scriptures expository. The Scriptures became a lamp to light the way and a reliable guidepost for her throughout her life.

A graduate of Delcor Academy, Gloria took several classes at Farleigh Dickinson before becoming a hair stylist and embarking upon a successful career in the fashion industry. She began her political activism at the age of 20 and has remained fully engaged in the preservation of liberty ever since.

Gloria married husband Dennis and relocated to Florida in 1973, where she raised four children. The love and concern for her children and grandchildren is the driving force behind her actions.  She eventually worked alongside her husband in investment real estate. From 1974-1986, she also taught Biblical classes and became a mentor for many.

As a long-time political activist, Gloria has been gravely concerned about the path our nation has been on for the past few decades. Her passion for individual liberty and limited government has compelled her to take her activism to new heights. She was the Martin County chair for “Catholics for Mitt Romney” during the presidential campaign, has held fundraisers for Rick Santorum, worked on Newt Gingrich’s campaign locally and held a fundraiser for Senator Marco Rubio during his run for U.S. Senate.

Gloria is a member of several organizations including the Faith and Freedom Coalition, The Sons and Daughters of Italy (where she also held the position of charity chair for four years), Americans for Prosperity and The Heritage Foundation. She also serves as the finance chair for the Martin County Republican Executive Committee.

This tireless activist is proud to be a part of the grassroots movement to reach out to her fellow Americans, with a focus on informing them about the dire consequences that inevitably result when citizens lose all sense of personal responsibility and American exceptionalism. Along with her business partner and close friend Shona Darress, she looks forward to contributing to the success of In Touch Events.

To contact Gloria regarding an event or for more information, please call: (772) 223-5529 or (772) 233-3087.


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