Phyllis Frey

In 1976, statistically, Phyllis Frey represented one tenth of one percent of all female commercial pilots in the United States. Today, that number has soared to 10 per cent. As a retired airline pilot and FAA Safety Check Airman, she has undertaken the fight against Regionalism in Florida known as Seven 50—the plan to control seven Southeast counties within 50 years under Soviet-style Central Planning. 


After founding the American Coalition 4 Property Rights in Indian River County, Captain Frey focuses on educating the public about the inescapable consequences of Seven 50’s federalization of our living spaces, where the rights of the individual take a back seat to Collectivism. Under the Seven 50 plan, unelected bureaucrats bypass local Home Rule of Law. In a massive redistribution of population and wealth, Seven 50’s plan for social reengineering will forever change how and where we live and travel, if allowed to prevail. Under the Seven 50 plan, if you like your single family home, you can keep it. Period.


Learn more about Regionalism and how it will take over our traditional American way of life unless we stop Seven 50 and other plans like it across the country. In Florida, due to the efforts of the American Coalition 4 Property Rights, nearly half of the Florida counties and cities have withdrawn from the Seven 50 plan. Join us in learning how to educate others so that they may join us in defeating Seven 50 and preserving our right to own private property.    







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